Network Design Services


Our main business focus is on the Local Area Network environment. Our service offerings include Network Consultancy, Network Design, Network Installation and Maintenance.

Our mission is to provide our clients with reliable, scalable and cost effective network systems, which enable increased business performance and profitability.

We are a professional consulting service that contracts to your organization. Our services aim at providing business operations and information technology solutions. Our focus is to help your business be more successful, secure and stable. We diligently apply computer technology to improve customer service, lower costs, and increase productive time.

Our network design consultants can design or re-engineer a network infrastructure that provides the capacity, scalability, security, availability, manageability and serviceability required by today's most demanding applications. The network design consultants will audit your network infrastructure and will advise you on where upgrades would be advisable, where bottlenecks are or are likely to be in the future, and where the network's security is at risk.

John Michaud Computer Services provide a comprehensive and flexible range of network maintenance options, making sure we have a service to meet your exact needs and budget.

We offer on site and remote management maintenance facilities dependent on client preferences. You have made significant investments in your network, but without the support to keep it running and properly performing, you risk costly network failures. Our comprehensive service solutions can help improve network performance by assisting in maintaining high availability, reducing risks, and optimizing your network.

Your Data is the most important item residing on the network. We make sure it is protected by developing a fault tolerant system that fits your needs .

Depending on the level of support you require, we offer service level agreements to be on site or provide remote assistance within set timescales during working hours.