Diagnostics and Computer Troubleshooting

Because of the variety of hardware and software issues that can arise when working with computers, correct diagnosis of a problem becomes very important. At john Michaud Computer Services, the first thing we do when servicing a computer is run a complete set of diagnostics so that we can be sure we are not just treating the symptom, but that we are addressing the underlying issues. Whether your computer has just started to slow down or has become completely inoperable, we have the tools and knowledge to restore your computer’s performance again. With our extensive knowledge and experience we can identify the cause of crashes, lockups, unusual slowness, Internet issues, or various other problems. Once we know the source of the issue, we can help you make an informed decision and advise you on the best course of action to take.


Virus Infection / Slow Performance

Viruses and malware can slow down your computer, wipe and destroy all your valuable digital photos, financial and business documents and more. In addition, They can compromise your security, allowing someone to steal your identity. Don’t take chances with viruses, and contact us to assist you with computer virus removal.

Hardware & Software Repairs

Our hardware repair service is available to repair systems that are no longer turning on such as: dust and heat damage, or a failed part.

Operating System Installation and Renewal

The most common problem happening is corruption of the operating system (Windows). We provide installations, reinstallations, upgrades, repairs, and modifying any Windows O/S.

Data Recovery

Have you accidentally deleted important files and documents? Dropped or damaged a drive? Is your drive slow to respondor making strange noises? Computer simply won't turn on? Whatever the circumstances of your data loss, we have seen it all, and have the expertise and years of hands-on experience to successfully recover data from almost any situation, no matter how dire it may seem.

Call us now for a consultation to evaluate your particular situation 705-715-5224. We can help you decide what course of action to take and help relieve the panic and stress common in data loss situations.