Maintenance Services


Our I.T. support services are designed to provide reliable and responsive support to small and medium businesses. We know that small businesses need to do more with less, and that's why we've set up competitive plans and cost-effective solutions. I offer telephone & maintenance support contracts to all clients and their employees.

Studies show that the most cost-effective method for supporting a computer network of less than 25 is to outsource I.T. support to computer support specialists. We are committed to keeping your systems up and running and to keeping your employees efficient.  We provide I.T. support services and small business support through an effective combination of onsite and remote support.

While specialize in business support, we do offer system maintenance services to home users on a limited basis. Our I.T. services are provided either by our "on call plan" or our "managed plan". Since we are an support company that is not tied in to any single hardware provider, we have the ability to find the solutions that fit your company needs best. A key benefit to using us for support is that your employees will get the computer help they need when they need it.

Maintenance Contracts

Regularly scheduled maintenance of your computer systems and/or networks can diagnose, prevent and repair small operating errors before they cause serious data loss, down time and loss of productivity in your business or project.

Data Backups

Imagine losing all of your customer records, all of your spreadsheets and all of your financial data. What would happen to your business if you suddenly had no record of who owed you money? The more you think about it, the easier it becomes to identify the documents you must have in order to run your business. Backups are always included in maintenance contracts As we do more business by computer, increasing amounts of our most important data is available only in digital form. All of those ones and zeros are surprisingly delicate — if your hard drive fails, or if a power surge damages your computer or network, that data could be gone forever.

Computer viruses are another threat; as a series of recent virus attacks demonstrated, disaster can strike even the most careful computer users. Fortunately, there's a way to guarantee that you never face a data-loss disaster. When you back up your files, you guarantee that there will always be extra copies of your documents available in case the originals are destroyed. There are many different ways to back up your files, including online services, USB Drives, network storage. What matters most is that you develop and follow a backup plan — it could be the most important business decision you make, remember that failing to plan is planning to fail. For more information on how to develop a comprehensive backup plan to safeguard your company information call John Michaud Computer Services at 1-705-715-5224

Telephone Support Contract

Investing in a Telephone Support Contract assures that you'll have the help you need when you want it, at a price you can afford. Benefits Clients under contract always get priority service. Solve simple problems quickly over the telephone avoiding costly on-site visits Telephone Support Contract will allow your business to budget accurately for telephone support services.