Technology Consulting Services


We provide technology consulting services to small and mid-sized companies located in Barrie, Ontario, and surrounding areas.

If you are looking for a computer consultant to provide unbiased professional advice on your technology needs, we'd love to talk with you. We specialize in technology fitting companies with 1 to 25 employees.

We provide an array of consulting services covering:

  • Replacing or adding new computer systems
  • Network design, (new installs, upgrades, improvements, etc...)
  • Communication, (email, Skpe, Messengering. etc...)
  • Accounting systems
  • Remote Access
  • Web development, (domain setup, hosting, web presence, etc...)
  • Technical support, (preventive services, ongoing and emergency services, etc...)
  • Backup Implementations, (remember your data is your business)

If you are looking for reliable and professional information on how to best utilize your technology or implement new technologies, please allow us the opportunity to demonstrate how our knowledge and expertise could benefit your company.